Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee

As your trusted photography partner, our work is not complete until you, the customer are completely satisfied with the images we have delivered.

Our process, from the pre-booking consultation to the project-end follow-up is aimed at making this become a reality.

Still, we are aware that no matter how hard we try, sometimes things just don't work out, hence we offer the following service guarantee to all our clients:

1. Unlimited Edits. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our post-production work, we will modify, until you are completely satisfied. The unlimited edits are valid or post-production work only (making the product look clean, shiny, and overall great), the guarantee does not involve composition or styling changes that will result in a materially new images.

2. Reshoot Free of Charge. In the event you totally dislike everything we have done for you and have no use for it, we will offer to reshoot it free of charge. Please note that we will reshoot based on the original requirements. If you change your mind about what you want as a deliverable mid-project, we are not going to reshoot your products free of charge.

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