Our Process

We Live and Breathe eCommerce

Since day 1, our mission has always been to help our clients improve brand image and sell more units.

We know how much time and effort goes into developing a good product, and we work hard to create images that will best represent your products.

More Than Photos

A quality image that sells takes more than placing a product into white box and clicking a button.

We study your products and our focus at all steps of the photo creation process is on how the image will help guide the end-customer through the buying experience.

Information Rich

The ultimate selling tool is quality information. Through the images we produce, we aim to capture as much information and answer as many questions about the products you customers may have as possible.

How Do We Do That?

By taking the time to understanding your product, what it does, why people buy it, and keep this in mind at all stages of the photography production process, preparation, staging, lighting, taking the photo and post-production.